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QC Equipment
Pro-active process controls create an environment that keeps all casting parts in tolerance and on time.

In many of the production lines, integrated computer technology and automation are available to provide

the most accurate and consistent casting parts.


Equipment list:

  • Dedicated Measuring Tester
  • CMM
  • Height Gage
  • Thickness Tester
  • Air Leakage Tester

We specialize in the following product processes

  • Casting molds
  • Painting and Coating
  • Machining

Die Casting - Aluminum & Magnesium


DSB provides best of breed solutions for engineered Aluminum, Zinc and Magnesium die- castings.

This is made possible by our cutting-edge engineering resources, state-of-the-art production capabilities,

complete secondary finishing, and ISO 9001-certified/QS 9000-compliant quality. 


Our  company specializes  in product design, mold design and manufacturing, die casting, CNC machining,

surface treatment and specialized testing, such as complete production chain.   Company hardware facilities,

large equipment and analytical testing methods are also available. 


Magnesium Alloy is based on Magnesium and the addition of  other metals such as Al, Zn, Mn, Ce, etc

Magnesium Alloy includes low density, high strength, good elastic modulus, and corrosion resistance.


Aluminum Alloy has high strength, high stiffness, good electrical and thermal conductivity, 

wear resistance and corrosion resistance.


Zinc Alloys are assigned to three main alloy groups.  In essence the group and its respective subgroups

all differ in their respective aluminum content as the primary alloy and other materials such as copper as a

secondary alloy element.


Production Equipment
Our die casting production sites are equipped with many sets of cold-chamber and hot-chamber die casting

machines ranging g from 125 tons to 2,000 tons.

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