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Turnkey Projects


Turnkey Production


We do everything necessary to stay flexible and adaptable, encouraging the constant search for strategic
manufacturing partners who possess the technology, efficiency, capability and attitude to provide you with
the right quality parts, on-time and at cost-effective prices.

Prototype Development


Our team can aid you in every stage of product development from product design to locating the best
supplies. We realize that any process is only as good as the people involved. You will find our Resident
Project Managers are enthusiastic, courteous and knowledgeable.


Test and Troubleshooting Services


Our staff of testing and troubleshooting technicians is capable of analyzing the most difficult designs
and assembly configurations. You will find our engineers and test technicians to be very knowledgeable
and capable of providing in-circuit testing, functional testing and troubleshooting at the component level.

  • Full Turnkey production D2D (From Drawing to Door).

  • Subcontracting & manufacturing according to Customer drawings.

  • Manufacturing all parts, plastic, metal and more.

  • PCB assemblies for Turnkey projects.

  • Purchasing components.

  • Final testing by our engineers in the field in accordance with MIL-STD-105E.

  • Shipping to Customers around the globe.

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